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Have you completely utilized your dapper suit? If no, check this out.

Most of us usually take one suit for the season and get bored of it soon. One formal suit! Isn’t that enough for this season? Well the answer is yes.

There are always many different ways to style up your suit. So be a wise gentleman, and make full use of that suit.

Well! When i talk about suits. The first word which lightens in my mind is fitting. I always emphasis on fits. A normal local suit with proper fitting is better than a versace suit with improper fitting. So whenever you buy a suit,make sure you get it tailored properly.Lets have a look on the different styles one can do with our suits.

Meetings or professional events!

A ravishing suit with a printed tie,thats how i prefer to go on any official events. So even if you have nothing to say, your clothes will speak a lott and will definitely forecast your confidence,and you might get that contract in a second.

What i wore:

Suit: BURLINGTON(Kolkata)


Socks: (online)

Watch: Fossil

Same upper,different trouser:

You can always mix and match it. Get a nice colour trouser and wear it with that blazer. And something new is always ready for you.

Get yourself some nice colour trousers like grey/beige  which usually goes with every other colour, instead of yelling for a new suit everytime.

Always spend wisely 😉

This kinda outfit always works for classic parties like friend’s engagement,wedding etc. the different colour trouser gives you the edge from every other man wearing the same boring  colour suit from top to bottom.

What i wore:

Trousers: ZARA

Shoes: KOOVS(online)

Casual parties with friends or night parties/clubbing:


What i wore:




Lapel pin: online

Glares: KOOVS(online)


  1. Single breasted single button suit: When standing you must button the only button, when sitting you must unbutton
  2. Single breasted double button suit: The top button must be fastened always when standing and the second button should never be fastened. Jackets must be unbuttoned when seated.
  3. Single breasted three button suit: There are two options, when standing fasten top two buttons and leave the third unfastened or fasten only the middle button.

So guys its time to suit it up. Utilize your suit if you have one, if you don’t have one, you definitely need one. Style it up. And you are all set to take the heart of many.


Yours suavely

Aditya 🙂

Photography by: Sayan Sadhukhan



Style is all about exploring your closet. Be experimental, and explore yourself, be a wise suave man. Join my journey of exploring men's fashion in a classic and an affordable way!!Let nothing come in your way to style and success just glide through" Looksuavespendwise" and derive inspiration.

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