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REGAL is the new SIMPLE

This time in India Couture week, we saw the design juggernauts reinventing the royal past in their new collection. From Mughal to Persian and Rajasthan palaces all were brought to runway through jaw-dropping couture outfits. But besides big shows like these for occasion wear also, we note how looking royal has become the go-to trend. It’s splendour guaranteed to your look. Even in jewellery and other accessories, the weight of the character has increased with more structure and layer. And our favourite must-haves are jacket and drapes. To have a princely affair, the key is channeling style fit with sleek tailoring and luxe fabrics.

Before the arrival of all the festivities, we reminisce a gamut of heritage arts found in Syasya.  #Looksuave expresses the best sartorial moments of Sasya in a photo story along with fashion blogger Astha Modi from BlabberCat.

Shantanu and Nikhil 


Be bold, be brave, be yourself. Live a life of no regrets -S & N. A traditional bands with a belt and an asymmetrical hem. A modern version of age-old customs,this piece is the top pic for winter wedding functions and parties.  Sophisticated drapes and silhouettes was my pick from the store.

Ridhima Bhasin 


Right out of a portrait from palatial walls narrating tales of love and war and a lot more splendour; a cheerful melange of colours that repaint our modest attempt to look royal so simply nowadays. The ocean and moss green is a beautiful colour from the royal palate. Dhoti and embroidered crop top with a floor-length jacket set designed by Ridhima Bhasin was  Fashion blogger Astha’s pick from the store. Pistachio and duck-egg blue are also colours to look out for from the same family.

Kurta by Kunal, waistcoat by Amit Arora and her outfit is by Sayisha


How midnight looks like when stitched together with motifs and buttoned right till the collar spells authority. If not done right, layering can confuse the visual. So for this shoot, while layering pieces we made sure that different separates don’t project different ideas. Even while putting together a look from your scattered wardrobe, wear and edit what doesn’t feel right. Deeper hues of blues is definitely a good investment piece this winter for a nocturnal bridal bash.


Photography: Harshika Sethi Tantia
Text: Astha Modi
In the pics: Fashion bloggers Aditya Jain and Astha Modi.
Clothes: Sasya, 23A Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata

 Yours suavely
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Different variety of guys in a club!

Different species of guy you will always come across in every club.  Here, are few of them which i observed and which are in my group too!lol!!

#1The hunters.


Usually don juan of the club,(the womanizer), who will always be surrounded by more than one woman at the club. Enters the club alone and usually get out with atleast one.

#2The creepy


The known face of the clubs. He is the one you will find at the bar of the club alone every weekend. And usually does NSP( nain such prapti). he just stands there and STARES all night as if you’re his prey. No break in eye contact, no approaching—just staring.

#3Good boys.


Spends most of their time inside, looking after the drunkards and observing people. He is inside because his friends wants him to be their. You feel bad for this guy because he looks super uncomfortable.

#4The hookah lovers.


No drinks, no cigarette,no girls just hookah and food.

#5The ladies man.


 Are known to actively engage females, scaring off some of the larger males in the process .since they have the ability to hold a group’s attention, females become more attracted to him. They don’t always get what they want ,but they do get what they need.

#6The gentleman


Not too drunk, has good facial hair  and Completely Enjoying the night with his girl.

#7The one who only makes his friends drink and then blackmail them by recording their weird videos.


And the next day when you see them, you are like whaaaattt!!!!!!!

#8These are guys who’s had too much and is falling over


The completely wasted one, and keeps doing weird stuff.

#9The old rich brats.


Such men completely enjoys their night not with their wife but with their friends. He is 49, his hair fell out,but he is still young at heart,and tries his luck.

#10The disco dancer


He does not care if anyone is watching; he is into the music and isn’t going to stop. His dance moves rarely allow him to blend into the crowd.

#11The hopeless wanderer


Keeps on stumbling from one girl to other girl trying his luck.

#12The “bakra”


He is usually the guy every girl is looking for, who by the end of the night becomes bankrupt and get nothing in return. Awww!! Poor guy.

#13The best friends.


Usually the partner in crime buddies. They are actually the proof of each other craziness.

#14The fashionista.


He is usually the best dressed man in the club, and eye candy of many.

#15The snapchatter


Addicted to snapchats and always ready with their phone to post pictures with their girls. Well i also comes in this category. Haha!!

Tag your friends and let them know which species you think they are

Yours suavely

Aditya 😉

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Why girls are scared of marriage!

Girls think about yourself waking up in bed one morning and yelling for coffee and then suddenly u realize shit!! I am married!! Freaked out right!!

a73e3239969d9598c6914b2a80bdb505 - Copy

Gone are the days when getting married used to be one of the biggest concerns for Indian women as soon as they reached early 20s. Marriage is scary to many women, but instead of confronting their fears, they choose to avoid the topic altogether.


#1. Loss of independence


Like guys even girls are scared of loosing their freedom.  How can you expect girls to be different. They fear that none of their plans will ever be made without wondering about what their husband or in-laws will say, just instils the anti-marriage thoughts in their mind.

#2. No more pampering


No more “LAADO” of anyone. No more “saun chidhiya”(golden bird). Instead of receiving pampering giving pampering takes place. Moreover, the constant reminders from their mothers saying things like “your mother-in-law will not bear your tantrums like I do”, is simply enough to freak them out.

#3. Career dilemma


Have to depend upon their in-laws for their career as well. Moreover, no one likes a halt or break in the career for which they have worked so hard.

     #4 AUNTY?


NEVER!! The fear of becoming an aunty haunts them. And you know for girls the word aunty is a slang.(“Aunty hogi teri maa”).

#5The correct guy.


They are afraid of getting attached to a guy who has dual personality. ” Deciding if the person is “right” has much to do with how high of esteem you hold them in.The fear of being cheated haunts them completely. They  do not want to deal with a lying, cheating man. They ‘d rather be alone or just date without any strings attached.


We want to be with the absolute best person for us. Keep searching .  Not  settling for anything less than the best.


Gone are those days when girls wanted a gentleman to come on a white horse, now they want guys in white Jaguar.Well, many remains confused what type of guy they exactly want. Where to make adjustments? Looks, money,love, what?? Uhh!! Forget it bunk! And prefer a nightout with their girlfriends.




After seeing so many breakups and rough marriages of friend ,relatives, they actually prefer to stay single.


But at the end, girls are the sweetest creature made by god. God has made them so flexible that ultimately they adjust after marriage and  try to be deeply loving and devoted as a wife, daughter, sister in- law. Let’s raise a toast for them.

Hope you enjoyed it girls.

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yours suavely

Aditya 😉




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This sanitizer spray everyone should have in their bag to avoid dirty restrooms!

My bag is like my best friend.

It comes with me everywhere,atleast when i travel!


My bag has tons of stuff in it.

Some things, like my wallet,hair products and keys, are obvious, but what about the other things? Well, i am talking about the hygienic stuff. Hand sanitizers, wet wipes and toilet seat sanitizer spray.


Wait! sanitizers and wet wipes are common, but toilet seat sanitizer spray? wao!!! sounds interesting.


This  spray helps us to avoid using dirty toilets. Think about those dirty public restrooms! ewww!! filthy. This makes you hold your pee,which is not a healthy choice,specially women.So this spray should  be the first thing every men and women should have in their bag.


More details on

Stay Hygienic and PEE SAFE 😉


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Why men are scared of marriage!

Women are said to be difficult to understand. But the same seems to be true for the guys. Have we ever pondered enough on why are guys so scared of marriage? Is it that they wish to remain their mamma’s boys? Is it plain immaturity that he doesn’t wish to start handling responsibility?


Friends With Benefits concept.


Most of them  feels why to get married when we can get s*x easily!

Men see marriage as restricting freedom.


Men cherish their freedom. Marriage threatens that and brings with it serious responsibilities. The child in a man wants to exist longer and the thought of being domesticated may be intimidating to some men. Women who make heavy demands on a man such as to account for his whereabouts, to adjust his personality, to give up his partners or to stop his vices or hobbies that he has lived with and enjoyed for years, confirm in the mind of a man that marriage strangles freedom.

Just NO.


No explanations, no arguments, no counseling required. The term scares the hell out of us. We are NEVER ready for it.#humsenahopayega(wecantdoit)

KIDS?Are You Serious!!!


We love children. Honestly, we do. But, we are usually not the kinds who want to nibble their toes the moment we see them. And we usually only love the kids of our family. We NEVER get a ‘fatherly feeling’ when we look at kids. We never think of having kids. First, because we are scared that we will forget or drop it somewhere and you will kill us. Second, the added responsibility it brings. Baby food, baby clothes, baby’s school fees equals added expense resulting into added money and added STRESS. And third, JUST NO! It changes everything between the couple. A tiny little thing looking at us with dreamy eyes and calling us ‘Daddy’, okay Run!

Loss of Bachelorhood.


We love our carefree, bachelor lives. Those late night beer parties and playing games on our X-box in boxers for hours gives us a sense of liberty. Also, we can flirt with anyone we want and can get out of a relationship if it’s too taxing. How do we do that with a marriage? You get out of a relationship, you are still a bachelor. You get out of a marriage and you are a divorcee. What! No, we cannot do it. Sorry.

Men want to own house and a good job before they get married.


The average man would live common law without owning a house but he prefers owning his own home and be in a state of predictable income before he marries. Well you know in today’s setting that could take forever. So men may very well get married upon retirement.

Men are scared of loosing their privacy and time with their friends.


Bad past relationships.




I just can’t get into something like that again! Still traumatized!!



Men are stuck between arrange marriage and love marriage.The one who can adjust with family or the one whom i want.. And at the end become frustrated and prefer having a beer.

P.S: Women, no offence meant. It’s all in good humour and honesty.

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Yours suavely

Aditya 😉



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The two gorgeous actresses at the #ScotchAsAGift event

United Spirits Limited(USL) hosted an extraordinary evening at The Oberoi Grand,Kolkata with renowned personalities Chitrangda Singh and Shibani Dandekar, and Nitesh Chhapru, Head of marketing, premium core portfolio, united spirit limited who unveiled the scotch whisky collection. An exceptional gift for all occasions for men. The scotch whisky collection entails a premium range of scotch whiskies such as Black Dog, Vat69 and Black & White as an ideal gift for whisky connoisseurs who will cherish the special created collectible gift packs.


The ballroom

United Spirits Limited(USL) is a subsidiary of Diageo plc which is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits,beer and wine categories.

The scotch whiskey collection launch was dedicated to ‘solving the dilemma of gifting for men’ and was hosted by Anuradha Menon.




United Spirits unveils the Scotch Whisky CollectionIMG_4008

Looksuave Spendwise got the chance to interview the ladies (Chitrangda and Shibani) and  they shared some anecdotes of personal gifts they had received and shared. They were unanimous that the scotch whiskey collection now made it simpler for them to buy gifts for their male friends. They shared their views on personal gifting, fashion trends, men’s fashion in india.


how can they look so gorgeous!!


What i wore to charm the ladies

Interview with Shibani Dandekar:

  •  What do you generally gift your male friends?

Shibani: “i love buying gifts for people whom i am close to as i know their likes and dislikes. when i am invited a friend’s house i always gift a bottle of black&white as it’s one of the best tasting scotches whiskies today and always tastes better when shared! if i know someone who has won an award or received a promotion i tend to gift them a bottle of black dog to celebrate their achievements”.

  •  What do you think about the future of men’s fashion in india.!


men’s fashion is evolving in india. i have seen that men are becoming more stylish and have started caring about their looks, which makes me happy. As i like men who are well grommed.

  • How do you manage to look so good everytime?

To this question Shibani said nothing and just pointed  her makeup artist.(laughs)

  • Men with beard or clean shaven men?

Obviously men with beard!! pointing towards my beard(me feeling shy).lolz.!!

Interview with Chitrangda Singh:


First let me tell you guys, i am a really big fan of Chitrangda and upon seeing her i got so excited that i mistakenly called her by a different surname, but she being a sweetheart did not reacted and asked me to relax and continue. Awwww!!!!


On asking chitrangda, what would be the ideal gift according to her for a man, she said its a great feeling when someone appreciates your gift. My father is a perfectionist and a man of great character and strength. he enjoys his scotch whisky and hence the perfect gift for him would be a bottle of VAT69.

i just wrapped up the whole thing and ended the conversation by telling her that she looks the same on screen and off screen, GORGEOUS. To which she replied awwww! thank you.( now thats a perfect awww moment).

well! that was a wonderful experience and an amazing event. It was quiet fun to know the gorgeous ladies personally.

Looksuave,Spendwise ~ Aditya

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